I was going to wait until I had pictures to post anything about my first baby shower, but since I forgot my camera and am at the mercy of friends and family for copies (HINT, HINT), I decided to go ahead and post before it lost its timeliness!
First of all, a HUGE thank you and lots of love to my sister, Amber and my friend Alyssa who put the shower together. They did a beautiful job organizing and decorating (can't get enough of that pink), cooking and preparing, hosting and cleaning up afterwards. I WAS AND STILL AM SO BLESSED BY ALL YOU TWO DID - THANK YOU. Alyssa also put together a beautiful personalized scrapbook...that was super special.
To everyone else who came and showered us - thank you all, as well. JP and I are both so overwhelmed by all of the stuff we received! Besides all of the cute little outfits, booties, and necessities (like bath items and blankets), we were blessed with our high chair, strollers, car seat and pack-n-play - four HUGE gifts in my opinion. We could have this baby right now and be just fine - we are not lacking anything. And I can tell you right now - little Rae is going to be one of the best dressed little girls around with all of the gear she got!
It means a lot to us that you all would love on our baby like that, someone you haven't even met yet. And it gets us even more excited about her getting here (getting OUT!) and introducing her to all of these people that love her so much.
Thank you for showering us with so many blessings.

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