Winter is Coming

This is a picture of what happened to my umbrella on the way in to work this morning. Winds were gusting SUPER strong as rain mixed with snow came down. I only had to walk across the street from my parking lot to my work place and in that minute's time, the wind completely destroyed my umbrella.
Hang on, Minnesota. Winter is coming!


Lori said...

You'll have to ask Mary Poppins what her secret is to using her umbrella for travel!!

Tal, Mary and Emma said...

Thank the Lord I live in the sunny south. I think it was 72 today. (although it won't be above 57 tomorrow, but hey had to rub it in!) Actually, we were in St. Louis this weekend and it was 45 one morning. The wind hit Emma in the face and her squeal was to die for. I don't think she remember what cold weather was like.