The Proof

My tummy has really started to pop the past few weeks. I went to the doctor yesterday and I have now officially gained 10 pounds!!! One month ago I had only gained one pound. That means I gained 9 pounds in 4 weeks. Yikes.
I have 4 months left - I'd better start pacing myself!
Baby is healthy and right on track. She was being feisty during my appointment yesterday. When the doctor was trying to find her heartbeat, she kept on rolling over and kicking at the microphone. :)


jerarbw said...

You look so cute!
:o) Amanda

Becky said...

Watch out world, girl's a hard core rawk star waiting to happen.

Priya said...

You look super cute to me! And so does your house..i love the orange/rust wall!!

Brenda L said...

I have to agree with the others, you are one cute pregnant lady!

Maybe your body was just trying to catch up for the slow weight gain at the beginning?

Bethany Rinn said...

You look so cute, Audra! Can't wait to see you in person in 3 weeks! :)