More Bloggers

Thanks to Deb, I am now aware of a few more blogger friends of mine out there in webland (See righthand sidebar). I'm hesitant to call you all "friends" since you never told me that you had blogs to begin with. But I have decided to put my hurt feelings aside and add you all to my sidebar nonetheless.
HOWEVER, what is up with nobody posting WHO THEY ARE on their blogs? Do you just expect people to be able to read your minds and figure it out? That's why blogger invented these handy things called PROFILES. You fill them out...put your name, interests, a photo or some other distinguishing object on them...so that people know who you are when they come to your blog.
I was able to figure out who a few of you were (Traci, for example), but I still have no idea who "Seeds of Change" is. And Molly, I know you have a blog out there somewhere, but I can't figure out which one is yours!
So please, everyone do me a favor. Go to your blogger sign-in page and click "Edit Profile." Add your name and some distinguishing tidbits, maybe a photo. That way I, and everyone else, will know who you are for future reference.

P.S. Molly & "Seeds of Change"...I will add you to my sidebar once you identify yourselves! :)

P.P.S. You guys all know I love you.


Anonymous said...

Oh Audra, you are too funny! seeds of change is geno e... but he never blogs so whatever...
mine is onHisway... i don't like putting names cause... well, i don't know. i'll have to get back to ya. i love reading your blog. even though i never comment. i always figure you won't know who i am.
:) molly(l)

Deb said...

I think people put waaaay too many personal details about themselves on their blogs; that's why I don't have my name up on mine. Plus, in my line of work, I've become all too aware of how little information someone needs to steal your identity. It's not a fear thing, just a preference. :) My blog isn't really for people I don't know to read; it's for friends and family to keep track of me when I'm halfway across the world.

I second what Molly said; I like reading your blog a lot!

The Charlebois said...

Molly, I can't seem to view your blog - it just takes me to a blank page. :( Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

a couple of people have been having that problem. i think if you use firefox it will work, otherwise i dunno.

Stuart B said...

My mom is still convinced some axe murderer will come and kidnap me at preschool if I post anything about who I really am online!