Watch The Greg Behren Show on Thursday!

A friend who used to go to my dad's church (but now lives on a YWAM base with her husband in Texas) is going to be on The Greg Behren show tomorrow! Normally, I wouldn't promote stations other than channel 4, but this is an exception. :)
Apparently Cally filled out some form online about being a disorganized person. The show called her up, flew her and her husband to LA, and the rest is for you to see. Part of the teaser reads: "Robert's so tired of Cally's dumpster-diving clutter, he's literally drawing the line – down the middle of their bedroom!"
Watch the teaser here. It's called "Greg Cleans Up Your Act."
Those of us who know Cally know she is a bargain raider...always looking for cheap - or free - stuff anywhere she can find it to use either now or later, as gifts or crafts...basically whatever! She is the goodwill queen.
Per my friend Priya (who told me about the show): There was a guy on the show that gave her some advice. She took the advice and has started a small ministry/business with the Father Heart Maternity gals on the YWAM base. The show flew her out again for a follow up and that show will air later in the month. I think she's going to write a book..about being resourceful and using cheap/free things to care for your household. This is something she's wanted to do..and it's crazy how God is going to make it happen!!!
It should be interesting and fun, so if you're home tomorrow afternoon - tune in!

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