Reelfoot, Tennessee

The picture you are looking it is of sunset on Reelfoot Lake. The lake was formed way back in the 1800's when a major earthquake caused the Mississippi to flow backwards for about a day. It's a beautiful place swarming with beautiful cypress trees (seen here).
It's also in the middle of nowhere - and the site of a family reunion we went to this weekend.
We had a great time, and the area really was beautiful - but LARD ALMAGHTY was it ever COUNTRY down thir! I think JP experienced quite a bit of culture shock. His first impression of southern living was when we pulled up to our hotel. We warned him it wasn't much, but I don't think he was prepared to sleep in a finished-out pole barn! The look on his face was priceless. And this was the best place in town....
Once he got used to his surroundings - and the ceaseless, twangy chatter of my relatives - he then had to get used to the food. Biscuits and Gravy, catfish, hush puppies, fried okra, and even FROG LEGS are normal menu items at the local Lakeview Diner. I'm proud of him, though, as he DID at least try the frog legs.
We had plenty of adventure to keep us occupied. My aunt Anita suffered a minor stroke on Saturday night and had to be carried off in an ambulance, much to her annoyance and resistance.(Don't worry, she is fine now) JP paid my younger brother Joe $50 to eat a live minnow. And the guys built a potato gun and shot it at each other. Good, clean, southern fun.
We had a great time, with exception of the 14-hour drive home, during which everybody was simply anxious to be back home. Mostly I think JP is just happy to be back to normal eating. He's already determined we're going out to a nice restaurant for dinner tonight. :)


Stuart B said...

A minnow huh...that ain't too bad...how about $100 for a whole tomatoe?

Stuart B said...
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Chris Good said...

Eating Frog Legs, yeah...JP I don't know if I will ever be able to look at you the same again. ;) I think that silky lobster post has me on a kick that thinks everything is yucky.