Houdini Dog

Yesterday I got home from work and my little dog Caleb greeted me at the front door. That may sound fairly typical, but it's NOT because we pen Caleb up during the day. Up until recently, he's stayed in his kennel, but for the past few days we've been penning him in the kitchen where he can hang out and still have access to his doggie-door to go outside.
So for him to greet me at the door was very strange. I looked around and noticed the gate was still latched. I walked into the kitchen and new he had started in there, because my mop was chewed to smithereenes. Still, I had no idea how he got into the living room.
I asked our two renters downstairs if either of them had let him out - they both said no. It was then that I got the sneaking suspicion that Caleb had learned how to climb or jump over the gate.
This morning when Caleb and I got up for work, I did a little experiement. I penned him up, then walked away and hid around the corner. For a while he jumped up on the gate and tried to get over, but couldn't. Finally he seemed to give up and go outside. But seconds later, he came RUNNING back in from the backyard covered in snow, made a GIANT leap, landed with his little front paws over the top of the gate, and pulled himself over, landing in the living room with a thud and dropping snow everywhere. Amazing.
I was going to scold him, but he came prancing up to me so proud of his accomplishment, tail wagging, and sat down "like a good little dog" right at my feet as if to say, "Did you see my trick? Do I get a treat?" It was so cute I started laughing and had to pat his little head.
Unfortunately, now Caleb has to go back to the old kennel until he can be trusted around the house by himself. I wouldn't be surprised if my little houdini dog finds his way out of that one of these days, too.


Lori said...

Funny!! : )

Momma G said...

That little stinker! I think he is Boomer reincarnated for sure. Too dang cute though.

It was great seeing you both last night-hope Caleb likes his new friend the stuffed doggie:)

Momma G

The Charlebois said...

He's playing with the stuffed doggie right now! It was great to see you, too!