In the news today:
A husband in Michigan is making national headlines for going on strike against his wife.
James Wilson moved out of the bedroom and onto the roof. He says he's tired of his wife, Valentina, letting their kids sleep in their bed. He says he wants more time alone with her. He's even opened a blog: husbandonstrike.com to get support.
I'm not condoning this in any way, but check out the site. It has pictures of his protest, of his toy-covered bed, and stories of other couples facing unusual marital issues around the world. For instance, one Jordanian man divorced his wife after discovering that she was also his virtual girlfriend.
After checking it out, thank God for your husband or wife. Go to them, tell them you love them and ask them if there's anything more you can do to show them your love every day - the way they want/need to receive it, NOT just the way you want to give it.


Chris Good said...

I am so upset at this man for giving his wife crap because the 2 MONTH OLD IS TAKING ATTENTION AWAY FROM HIM. Nikki and I didn't even sleep in the same bed (because I had to work) for 6 weeks, while Dylan.
I worked hard to take as much of the burden off of her, and was just as exausted as her. I really can't believe that he doesn't have women and men (who are worth anything) standing up and ripping his tent off the roof.

The Charlebois said...

I have to say, I COMPLETELY disagree with you.
See neweest post.

Chris Good said...

See my latest post, I am thinking more big picture rather than focused on the kid in bed piece.