Gay Marriage Ban in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin voters will decide later this year whether to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage and civil unions. The proposal cleared its final hurdle in the Legislature last night. Approval from the state Assembly puts the amendment on the state ballot in November, when voters will also determine whether Governor Doyle gets a second term in office.

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BasementBum said...

Ya, Congrats to the Promise Land once again. Although I don't really follow things quite so close in WI as MN this is a good thing for the voters, wonder how they actually got it through to referendum? Many states have been trying to do this including MN. MN has a bunch of weenie legislators that refuse to let the people's voice be heard on a referendum, simply b/c these weenie legislators...i.e. local/state Democratic Senators have made it a partisan issue when it's really not. We'll see how it affects them this fall. I hope they get hammered, but voters usually forget about 3 hours after they are outraged by seeing the news on TV and/or whenever the Simpson’s comes on...whichever is first.
Bottom line is a lot of people simply don't care. "It doesn't affect me". What's really happening is the vocal minority (homosexual agenda) is controlling the silent majority (historic family values).
But that's life when shmucks don't act on there convictions...the least ya could do is vote, ya know...but only about half of the people can break away and do this 15 minute task...we'll see if the folks in the Promise Land can finish driving out the "Canaanites" this fall :)