Silas is 2!

Yesterday, we celebrated Silas' second birthday! I can hardly believe that my boy is growing so quickly.

We didn't do much in terms of celebrating. The previous week, we made a cake, sang, and opened gifts with my family when we were all together for our annual hayride (post coming soon!), so on the actual day of his birthday we kept it simple. We had a play date planned with some friends, so we brought a treat to share, and he received several phone calls from singing relatives. Every time someone sang to him, he looked surprised when they sang his name instead of someone else's.

Silas' construction cake. He loves his "chucks" (trucks) and plays with them every day.

 Silas, Nate and Christian are our October birthday boys.

Silas -- such a manly little dude! I am absolutely smitten by him. There's something about him being the perfect, shrunken-down image and personality of his daddy that I just can't resist! He is 100% boy, despite being surrounded by princesses, ponies, and polly pockets every day of his life. He loves to "ford fight" (sword fight) and wrestle, and he'll never pass up a chance to be outside.

At 2 years old, his favorite things are Daddy (above all else), drums, trucks, trains, being outside, Boz the Bear, apples, and "fighting." He L-O-V-E-S to drum on anything and everything and sing as loudly as he can. He also loves to read books, and he already knows all of his shapes, most of his colors and can count and sing his ABC's..."decently."

Silas is sure he is just as big as Rae and can do anything she can do, and Rae adores him so much that she happily helps him try. They are best buds. She takes such good care of him.

He is his daddy's boy, which also means he's very strong-willed and commanding! He marches around the house looking like a mini JP, using his loudest, deepest voice to boss around anyone or anything that will respond. (We are working on that.) ;)  He is sure to be a leader in his life, and we are committed to  teaching him what that means and entails.

Silas, I'm so thankful that God gave us you as a first-born son. You make me and Daddy so proud! You are fearless, funny, strong and smart, yet soft-hearted and affectionate. Every day you amaze me with the subtle ways you are changing and growing, slowing (yet too quickly?) transforming from my baby into a young, strapping boy. I can't wait to see what plans God has for you! Happy birthday, Si guy!

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