Harpel Family Hayride 2014

Every fall, my side of the family likes to do a family hayride. It's always a blast, and every year as the kids get older, the fun escalates.

Usually my brother Micah and his family are not in town for this event (they are a military family stationed at Ft. Campbell), but this year they just happened to be home for a visit! For the first time in more than two years, the ENTIRE Harpel family was together -- and my heart was full to the very brim!

It was a wonderful time. We had beautiful, warm weather and a gorgeous sunset. The horse-drawn wagons at Bunker Hill Stable captivated the kids, and afterwards we celebrated our October birthdays around a bonfire. It was perhaps the most perfect night in years.

And here it is! Our first family photos since before Ruby was born! 11 adults, 15 kids, and 3 buns in the oven! And everyone is looking!

Left to right: Abigail (1), Micah, Missy, Jeremiah (4), Pete, Chloe (4), Anna (5.5),  Amber,  Ruthie (5), Christian (2), Naomi (7), Dad, Zachary (7), Mom, Ruby (6), Malachi (8.5), Nate, Elijah (8), Audra, Silas (2), Israel (7), JP, Rosie (4), Becky, Isaac (2) and Joe. 

The kids' favorite thing to do is jump off the back of the wagon. This is Anna jumping to Pete. 

Ruby in horsey heaven.

Pete and Nate were the rockstars of the night, chasing, carrying, and catching kids the whole time.

Grandma & Grandpa with all 15 of the gradkids

It's a race!

Micah and Joe give the youngest kids a fighting chance.

Our driver stopped the wagon at this huge sand hill for the kids to play on.

Isaac thought it was hilarious to throw hay on Christian. Christian was not amused! 

Everybody loves Uncle Joe!

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Erin said...

Great pictures, Audra! They are beautiful.