101 Market 2014

Another fall tradition is to visit the Nathe's 101 Market in Otsego, MN for their annual fall festival with G and our Bottolene cousins. The kids LOVE it. There is a corn pit, animal train, bouncy balloon, pedal carts, duck races, potato slinger, corn cannon, and petting zoo. This year we ventured into the corn maze for the first time, too. It was fun, but would have been better if I had a stroller for Silas.

We were blessed with another beautiful day! This fall is turning out to be one of the longest, warmest and most beautiful we've had in a while. I love it!

The highlight of the kids' day was when they found out the kittens at the petting zoo were for sale. I must be getting soft in my old age. I said yes, and we brought Minnie home that day. The Charlezoo keeps growing!

Thanks for the beautiful day, G!

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