Pregnancy Update

I am now 9 weeks along in my 5th pregnancy, and I'm starting to feel it! So far it has been smooth sailing -- and even now, the "symptoms" are so minor that  I can't complain -- but I can feel the all-too-familiar signs of a healthy baby growing inside.

Most obviously, I. Am. Exhausted. All day long.

JP and I started waking up earlier about 8 months ago (you know, to "jump start" our day), and what started as 5:00 am has turned into 4:30 am. By 10:00 am, I'm pretty tired, and by 2:00 pm, it is all I can do to sit on the couch and read books to the kids without falling asleep, much less stay on top of the laundry, dishes, errands, and other daily tasks that are being more frequently neglected. By 8:00 pm, the kids all seem as fresh as daisies, and my gaze goes back and forth longingly between my bed and the clock, yearning for 8:30, bedtime, and the ensuing collapse.

Now, I used to quit coffee when I was pregnant, but that was before I was pregnant with four other pre-birthed children/homeschool/etc. This time around, I had no intention of giving up what I considered necessary for daily function.

But then the food aversions began. And wouldn't you know -- one of the first things to make me sick to my stomach? My coffee. I still want it. I still long to sip it's warm, nutty goodness and feel the caffeine electrify my blood. But as soon as the cup hits my lips, I start gagging and have to back away.

Nothing is appetizing. I force myself to eat for the baby's sake. And the baby is growing beautifully. In fact, the baby is the size of a grape this week. His or her "tail" is gone, hands and feet are forming, and eyelids are appearing over perfectly formed eyes. Even little teeth are growing. The heart finishes dividing into 4 chambers this week, and the valves are forming. I'm so thankful for this baby, and for the healthy body God gave me with such amazing capabilities. It all is truly such a miracle, and an honor.

See what a baby looks like at 9 week here. 

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