Rae's First Lost Tooth

I wasn't too surprised when Rae came downstairs this morning with a small, white tooth in her hand saying, "Mom, look what I found in my mouth!" I had been expecting that first tooth to wiggle loose ever since her small accident that messed up her two top, front teeth a couple weeks ago.

I was surprised, however, when she smiled for me and I realized the disconnected tooth had come from her completely unaffected bottom set! I guess my baby girl is getting big no matter how I look at it!

I love this picture. Eyes and hair puffy from just waking up, yet her face has a certain subtle pride and excitement on it, like she knows this makes her "big."

I'm not going to start the whole tooth fairy thing. Call me a joy-kill if you'd like. :) Don't do Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny either (I know, right? What kind of boring nazi parents are we?). I have nothing against those who do, we just never did it growing up, so it has never been important to me. In fact, I remember telling my mom I was going to put my tooth under my pillow anyhow ("just in case") and waking up to find...nothing. :) Haha!

But I AM curious to know...do you do the Tooth Fairy/Santa/Easter Bunny thing at your house? Why or why not?

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Hilah said...

We are doing Santa. We never did it growing up either... I just think it's so fun and exciting for the kids! Or I am just reverting and want to do everything I didn't get to do growing up...
We haven't had any teeth fall out yet, so I guess we will cross that bridge later though we did get money under our pillow as kids. Never believed in the Easter bunny, but we did get Easter baskets with goodies as children and I do it for the kids as well.