The Chaise Lounge

Today we sold our chaise lounge. And I cried.

It had been sitting in our upstair living area (a space we don't use for "living" much) for the last two years, mostly unused, so we figured it was probably time to sell it and get it out of the way. I wasn't at all sentimental about it until it actually sold, and JP told me over the phone that the guy had just come and taken it away.

All of the sudden I felt like I was in the middle of one of those sappy video montages. I remembered the day JP and I picked it out at Ashley Furniture on impulse -- JP laid on it and sighed, "Oooooo, we have to get this." We tested it to make sure it was big enough for us to both snuggle on.

I remembered it being Jelani's seat of choice when he would come hang out at our house in Brooklyn Park. He would sit down, take of his sock and shoes, lay back and let the dogs lick his feet. So gross, right? But it's such a funny memory.

I remembered a 2-year-old Rae asking us every night if she could sleep on the "big chair" when we had it in our room at our Dayton house. We usually obliged, then we've transfer her to her own room when we went to bed. But sometimes we'd leave her there all night and she'd climb into bed with us in the morning. (Side note: Do you remember how cute Rae was at two? Click here.)

I remembered Christmas 2010, when the girls turned it into Santa's sleigh, piling it high with toys wrapped in blankets and putting their stick horses out front as reindeer. Rae started calling me "Wife" because she was Santa and I was Mrs. Clause. :)

Is it normal to get this emotional over one piece of furniture?

Fare thee well, chaise lounge. I hope your new owners treat you well.


Sarah D said...

Yes it's normal... I think. It makes me sad just reading about your memories haha.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...what are ya gonna do when you have to throw out the Christmas tree with all those wonderful memories. :(
(Oh, just kidding... :) Had to make you laugh and take you out of sad memory land! Ha!)
Just think 20 years from now, you'll still have all of their stuffed animals (in the attic, the garage, the drawers, etc, etc, etc!) :) La Lu

~Mistee~ said...

I would have been super emotional too!! That chair looks waaaaaaay to comfy to give up!!! :-)