The Greatest Gift of All

I couldn't bear for this photo to get buried at the bottom of that behemoth of a post. It's worthy of it's own blog entry.

The greatest gift of all this Christmas?

Well, obviously Jesus is the greatest gift of all, but He's the only one who could have given us this (click the image to make it larger):

Congratulations, Joe & Becky!!! :) We are so excited!!! (Due August 2012)

***(Please note: Becky gave me permission to post this on the blog, but please DO NOT SEND THEM ANY PUBLIC FACEBOOK CONGRATULATIONS as they don't want it floating around Facebook yet.)***


Becky said...

Super cute pic Audra. Thanks for the cute blog entry! Love you!

CrystalAM said...

No way! THEY JUST GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!! Wow, congrats! What a sweet picture :)