Quotes from Rae + Rosie Cuteness

Rae has been on a roll again lately. Again, apologies to those of you who have heard these already from my facebook posts.

Rae: "Mom, your outfit is swanky!"
Me: "Do you even know what that means?"
Rae: "It's Spanish for 'nice outfit.'"


Rae: "Dad, can we watch a show before bed?"
Dad: "I don't know, it's already past your bed time. We'll have to ask Mom."
Rae: "Dad, who runs the show around here? You, or mom!?"


Me to Rae: "If you could meet anyone who ever lived, who would it be?"
Rae: "Ava."
Me: "No, I mean someone you've never met before, like Jesus or Laura Ingalls."
Rae: "Moooom! I've already MET Jesus! We know each other!"
Me: "Amen, Sista!"


And here is your Rosie fix for the night. :)


Sarah D said...

LOL! Love these :)

priya said...

rosie is such a cute mix of the two of you!