Poll: I Need a Name

I've been thinking about making some business cards to give my photography "clients" (I don't even like calling them that because it sounds so professional), and possibly incorporating. I'm starting to get more paying clients, and they've been referring me to others. I feel like maybe it's time to make things a bit more official.

But I have just one problem -- I can't figure out a good name to call my "business." I'm now turning to you, my faithful and hopefully honest readers, for help.

I've set up a poll on the left side of this page with some name options. Below, I'm going to explain the pros and cons I see to each name. Considering these, please vote on your favorite. If none of them seem great to you, please say so and tell me why in the comments! I need you to be honest here, people!

I'M ALSO OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS, so if you have a good idea for a name, please leave it in the comments section or click "email me" on the left and send it to me in an email!

Here are the options I've been considering, in no particular order

OPTION ONE -- Audra Charlebois Photography

I know, stunning, right? All kidding aside, this is a very common and straight forward name for a photography business. I know several photographers who simply use their name, and it works very well.

My only hang-up is that my name is sort of complicated. "Audra" often gets confused with "Audrey" or "Andrea," and NOBODY can pronounce or correctly spell my last name.

Nevertheless, I like my name. I think it sounds pretty; I just wonder if it would be too complicated.

OPTION TWO -- Audra C. Photography

Whoa! We're switching it up a bit now! :)

A good solution to my complicated last name is just to abbreviate it. I like this and also like the way it sounds when you speak it; but alas, I stole the idea from a photography friend and hero of mine. The fabulous Jacki Vaughan has a business called Jacki V. Photography. Jacki goes to my in-laws church; we are friends and have many mutual friends. "Audra C. Photography" seems a little copycat to me, even though I like it.

OPTION THREE -- Tentmaker Photography

Where did that one come from, and what does it have to do with photography?

Glad you asked! In the New Testament, the apostle Paul had two gigs. His first/main gig was his call to bring the gospel to the Gentiles. This was his ministry and his life. However, Paul also had a side gig. He was a tent maker. He used this job to supplement his income and help provide the funds he needed to facilitate his higher calling (gig #1).

As a wife and mother, this is the way I feel about Photography. My main gig, or ministry, is to my family -- my husband and three daughters. They come first on my list of responsibilities. Photography would come only after those responsibilities have been met.

I like this name because it's a reminder to me of where my heart and focus will always be, even though I love photography. It's also a conversation starter with clients, and a way to open the door to talking about Jesus.

The down side to this name is that it doesn't sound very...photography-ish?

OPTION FOUR -- Fake It Photography

This isn't really an option. It's an inside joke, and those who understand it will laugh along with me! :)

Please weigh in, both in the poll and in the comments section! I'll keep the poll open for a week. And again, please be HONEST!


bruce said...

If you use your name you should only use your first name. Audra's (etc.)
How about Audra's Exposures or
Audra's Images or
Audra's Frame or
Audra's Vision or
Audra's Impressions.
Get the idea. Audra is a very unusual name and is distinctive in itself. You are probably the only photographer named Audra in Minnesota. I'm jes sayin'
Or another type of catchy name would be
(Blank) photography. Examples...?
Impressive Photography
Vision Photography
I know, I am stating the obvious but you asked what we think.

bruce said...

How about Focused Photos?

Hysters said...

How about "Capture The Moment Photography" or "Moments to Remember Photography"....something along that line? The picture of Tom and Beth is so beautiful and made me think of those.

Love you lots-


Bron and Jenda said...

I like your dad's idea of just using your first name. Something like "Moments by Audra" would be catchy. Your first name is very unique and lovely and I think it would stick easier than the first&last name together. I think there are too many photographers using their first&last names and it gets a little overwhelming to try to remember all those names.

I also like the idea of Tentmakers although, like you said, it's not very artsy. In fact it's a little cumbersome. I'm sure you've already been praying about this, but you should ask God for a verse or passage that could help you in the naming process. You might be reading along in your devotions tomorrow and something will just jump out at you and it will be artistic, inspirational, and unique just to you all at the same time. If God has truly laid this out for you to earn some income for your home then he will also provide the perfect name for you, too!!

As a side note, I have always liked how you gravitate toward using natural light in your pictures (vs artificial light). A good friend of ours (who's been doing our pictures for years) is a "natural light photographer" and her business is called "LightSmile." I bet there's some neat play on words that could be had with the word "light," especially if you wanted to make it spiritual.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving the comment name of:
In His Image Photography

or, of course, IHIP! :)
Could scare away some folks, but this may bot be a bad thing!...and it's better than In Your Face Photography! Ha!


Anonymous said...

How do you pronounce that last name of yours? :o)

Deb said...

I really like Audra C. Photography. Or you could copy our wedding photographer and use your middle name - Audra Lynette Photography. I agree with your dad - your name is very unusual, so I think it would be remembered. It's also really pretty. It has a nice sound to it. Since we're being honest :), Tentmaker Photography is not my fave. Not sure if I can really explain why. I like the meaning behind it, but the name just doesn't sound right to me. I don't think you need an elaborate, super-creative name. Sometimes when I see names like that, it makes me put my guard up and I'm immediately wondering whether someone's really good or whether they just have a cool name. I think you should let your photography speak for itself. Of course, if you do pick an elaborate, super-creative name, I will still like it. Just putting in my 2 cents. :)