Operation: Clean My House

I do not claim to be a very good housekeeper.

In fact, when JP first went to talk to my dad about marrying me, my dad warned him.

"She won't clean," he said. "She doesn't know how."

When JP first told me this, I was quite offended. Of course I knew how to clean! I had been doing chores my whole life! Vacuuming, dusting, mopping, laundry, dishes, bathrooms, you name it, we had to do it all!

It didn't take me too long (maybe 2 years?) to figure out that I really wasn't that good at keeping my house clean and tidy. Our house is full of clutter, and while I do enough cleaning for it not to be gross, don't look too closely or you may notice the cobweb in the corner or the dust all over the bookshelf.

Now, I'm on a mission to deep clean and de-clutter every room of my house. Each available day I have, I'll pick one room and tackle it. Starting with the kitchen.

This is the kitchen before (sorry, it's a little dark, I didn't edit it at all). Don't judge.

And this is the kitchen after. Ta da!

Ah, that feels better! I can breathe again! I've also done the downstairs living area since this post, but didn't get pictures. That area is even harder to keep un-cluttered because it's where JP dumps all his junk.

Next up is the master bedroom (it's REALLY bad, but at least it's hidden), followed by the upstairs living area, then the bathrooms, the kids' rooms, and the laundry room.

Now if only I could believe that it could really last....

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Deb said...

Your kitchen looks great! Nice job! Hey, if you need any help, you know who to call! :)