Septic Update

I am happy to say that life is back to normal in the formerly flooded Charlebois home. As I mentioned before, JP stayed home Easter Sunday to address the problem, and can you guess what he found? A dish rag in the septic tank...that our sweet 3-year-old had flushed down the toilet, unknown to us. *sigh* The good news is -- IT'S FIXED! JP replaced the whole pump with a nice, new one and we haven't had any problems since. To top it off, today our insurance company wrote us a check for damage done to the house. Was it worth cleaning up poo-water for? Yes. :)

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Bron and Jenda said...

I'm glad things are back to normal! This is completely ironic, though, because I was in Ihlen @ my parents' house this weekend and a similar thing happened! They recently (within the last 10 years) got a city sewage system and this morning the "red light" lit up. So none of us were allowed to shower, brush our teeth, or flush the toilet. Turns out a handkerchief-like cloth got wrapped around the blade. Easy fix, but we went to church a little rumpled :) I thought of you, and realized it could be worse!!