"Not Me!" Monday

It's already another "Not Me!" Monday. And you'll never guess what "didn't" happen this week.

On Tuesday night, just after we had put Rae down for bed, JP and I hopped in the shower (keep it clean, people. It was purely a time-saving technique). Shortly after getting all soapy, we heard Rae out of her bed and in the hallway. I hollered at her to get back in bed, but she kept on hollering something back that I couldn't understand. So I irritatedly got out, wrapped up in a towel, and wandered -- hair dripping -- into the hallway. And just then I DID NOT hear a man's voice coming from the kitchen!

Being as calm and collected as I am, I did NOT temporarily panic until I heard the voice yell "sheriff's office!" I peered over the edge of our staircase to see an officer standing outside our open dining room window. Less concerned, but still completely caught off guard, I yelled down that he'd have to wait a minute because we were, um, BOTH in the shower. I'm sure he did NOT feel embarrassed by that at all!

Turns out one of our new neighbors (who we hadn't even met yet) had called the cops on JP for riding his 4-wheeler on his property (which we thought belonged to another neighbor who had given us permission...long story). The whole situation was taken care off the next day, and now we have a new neighbor friend.

In other news, I had my 20-week OB appointment today, and I DID NOT go from no weight gain to 5 extra pounds in one month. I'm sure it had everything to do with the less than one pound baby in my tummy and NOT with the buy-one-get-one-for-25-cents blizzards at DQ this weekend. Or the swiss cake rolls. No, I did NOT buy a box of Swiss Cake Rolls and proceed to eat three packages in one day. Three packages of Swiss Cake Rolls does NOT equal six Swiss Cake Rolls in one day.

What haven't you been up to?


Deb said...

LOL! That sheriff story is hilarious! Good thing Rae was on the alert!

Missy said...

Wow, what a story about the sheriff!

Sarah D said...


David and Bethany said...

We stopped at a Dairy Queen on the way down to San Antonio for their blizzard special, too....it'd be a lot harder if there was one close to our house, though!!