...our new baby GIRL!

Johnye Rose Charlebois
aka: "Rosie"

Rosie is named after my mother, Johnye "Lynn" Harpel.

See her sweet little face, curled up next to her tiny fists?

Everything looked great. She is healthy and growing right on track. My due date remains September 10, 2010. She is currently 14 ounces. This is her little foot.

And check out these PIPES! Baby girl's got biceps!

We are beyond thrilled for a healthy baby. I think we were both a little surprised to have yet another girl, but hey, we are getting pretty good at this girl thing by now, right? Amos Arthur and Ezekiel James will just have to wait their turns. We'll get to them eventually. :)

It's really important to JP to have a boy to show his grandfather. JP is the "last Charlebois" so to speak, so when we do have a son, he'll be carrying on the family name. The other night JP said to me, "If it's a boy, we can wait to have baby #4 until whenever you want; but if it's a girl, we're going to shoot for Irish twins!" I told him..."we'll see." Ha!

People used to (and still do) tease JP that the reason God gives manly men like him girls is to soften them up. I disagree. I think God gives manly men girls so those men will raise strong, hard-working women, not blown about by every fleeting emotion.

The most important thing is that Rosie is healthy, growing, and she's OURS. Please join us in welcoming her!


Sarah D said...

She is beautiful and I cant wait to meet her!

~Mistee~ said...

Love the pics! Glad things are going well!! :)

Bron and Jenda said...

I love her name :) And I think you're right about the manly men and little girls bit! It makes the girls stronger, but I think it will inevitably make the guy more compassionate too. I think we're both blessed with husbands that will treasure their daughters, and our girls will know they are beautiful and adored. They won't have to go looking for that kind of affirmation elsewhere. Plus with four women in the house JP will learn to be one heckuva good listener!