"Not Me!" Monday *UPDATED*

Back by popular demand! Wow, I never knew so many of you cared so much about Not Me Mondays! I haven't done it in a while because I haven't had any "good ones" to post. You know, being the superb and unfaltering mother and wife that I am. ;) The best that I can give you this week is that I did NOT spend $10 on some sticks painted green with which to decorate my living room. Sticks are free if you find them in your back yard, and therefore it is ridiculous to spend any amount of money for them. Even if they are painted green. AND I did not also purchase some lovely wicker baskets for said living area for *COUGHtoomuchmoneyCOUGH* each. My husband did not then put his foot down about that overspending, but allow me to keep the fancy baskets up for when company was coming over (tags in the back) and return them after the social event. *UPDATED* I had to come back and mention that it wasn't just the price of the wicker baskets that was an issue. JP probably would have let me keep them if that was the only hang-up. But there was also the small issue of the baskets being slightly too large for the squares they were going into. I most certainly did NOT shove them in despite the fact that they were clearly scraping the sides of the boxes. And I did not cross my fingers and hope that JP simply wouldn't notice. Ha! I must have forgotten who I married! So...what have you not been up to the past few weeks? You can read more Not Me's at MckMama's website.


Andrea said...

I did not take a two-and-a-half mile walk on Saturday in flip-flops, knowing full-well my feet were already sore . . . and did not pay for it in the way of some nasty blisters.

And I did NOT fall asleep in class this morning. Nope, my instructor did not turn off the lights and put on a video for us to take notes on, and I did not lean back and suddenly open my eyes half an hour later. No, not this student :)

Deb said...

Ha! THAT'S what I forgot to tell you on Friday night! When I walked through there, I was thinking, "Oooooh, I gotta tell Audra how nice those wicker baskets look!" And then I forgot. LOL.

Bron and Jenda said...

I absolutely didn't fall asleep on the couch while the girls were playing on the floor. That would be irresponsible considering they are both under 3. And since I didn't fall asleep on the couch, I didn't get rudely awakened to Lucie's screams alerting me that her sister had put a basket on her head. I would also never reuse a diaper because the poopie wasn't THAT bad and could just be dumped out into the toilet. That's gross. Sick and gross.