Rae's Golden Birthday!

Our little "squirt" turned three yesterday! Who could believe that time could go by so quickly. I keep thinking to myself, I only get to do that 6 more times and then she's gone.

We generally keep birthdays low-key around here, but G and Ava did come by with balloons, gifts, and cupcake fixin's. We also had fun dressing up as princesses and doing activities in Rae's new workbooks (which she LOVES -- thanks G, Bompa, Auntie & Uncle Scottie!). Rae also received numerous singing phone calls, cards, and e-cards from friends and family.

The festivities will continue this weekend as more of the family stops in to see the new house and eat cake.

Rae Rae, you bring unspeakable joy to our little family. You are so full of life and enthusiasm, but you also have a quiet side that likes to stay home, snuggle, and keep to yourself. You are funny and so very smart -- you thought it was hilarious to tell people you were turning "7" this year! Your favorite things right now include painting, dancing, making up games, and helping me in the kitchen. You love anything "princess" and love to pretend. There could never be a sweeter you, and Daddy and I thank God for letting you be a part of our lives every day.

We love you, Sweet Rae.

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