Israel's 3-year-old checkup & due date!

Today Israel had her three-year-old checkup. She was amazing. She was happy, giggling, and smiling the whole time. We were (sadly) at a new clinic because the one we love so much -- AALFA Family Clinic -- is now too far away for us to keep visiting. The new doctor is the one my sister takes her family to, and he was very nice and very good with the kids. It just didn't feel like AALFA!

Our Rae Rae is growing healthy and strong. She was 34.8 pounds and 37 inches tall. Unfortunately at this new clinic they didn't tell me what percentages those fell into.


I also had my first pregnancy checkup today, and the doctor announced my due date as September 10, 2010. I even got to hear the heartbeat, even though I'm only 9 weeks along.

Yes, we will find out the gender at our 20-week ultrasound, but that's still a ways off. And yes, we do already have names picked out, but we'll wait till we find out the gender to announce that, as well. Then, come the baby's birthday, there won't be anything exciting left to announce except the weight! :) That's how we do it around here!


Brenda L said...

There's the surprise of the actual date he or she comes, since a due date is not very exact. There's a month long window that the baby could come during! Who the baby looks like is a surprise. All sorts of surprises.

As pro-lifers, we believe that the baby is a person before birth. So why shouldn't we find out everything we can about this little person?

The Petersons said...

Haha! I totally agree with Brenda! ;)
PS- Audra, if you go again just ask for the percentiles and a take home and they will fill out this nifty little card for your baby book with all of that info on it.

Tal and Mary said...

Audra~ Most pediatricians I know down here in TN don't rely on percentages after three due to the fact that most FTT or problems are found before three. But you can fill out the form yourself on this..http://cdc.gov/growthcharts/data/set1clinical/cj41c022.pdf