"Not Me" Monday

I'm making my triumphant return to "Not Me" Monday after taking a week off to, well, get my life in order. It's been an eventful couple of weeks, but here are some highlights.

I did not congratulate Rae for going potty on the big girl potty, only to turn around moments later and find Ruby splashing in it.

I did not lose my dog for two hours on a blistery winter morning. I didn't drag the kids out of bed and pile them both into the van in their pajamas and still-wet diapers without breakfast to search for him to no avail. I didn't call every vet, impound, and pet hospital in the area leaving a description and a phone number, and I didn't finally break down into sobs when explaining what happened to a friend. I mean, it's just a dog, right?
Then -- assuming all of that actually did happen -- I wouldn't have cried again when the phone call came. Thank goodness some lady hadn't come inches from hitting our dog on Highway 95, pick him up, call a shelter and get our number. And when we met her at a local gas station to get him back, I didn't give her a huge hug, which seemed to be a little awkward to her!

And this last one leaves me feeling a little "blond."

Upon stopping at a gas station for some snacks, I didn't grumble in irritation at the sign in front of me declaring "Holiday Parking Only, Violators will be towed," thinking to myself "How stupid to have a parking spot you can only use on holidays!"

...and then remember that I was at a Holiday Station.



Susan said...

The parking bit is just too funny. I can so relate...Thanks for the chuckles. How about this one. Have you ever called your cell phone when you can't find it..locate it and then go..oh i missed a call..wonder who called...only to realize, that oh yeah that was me trying to find the phone and then you look around to make sure noone noticed and you are the only one home..have I shared too much :)

The Charlebois said...

Haha! Susan, I've totally done that!

The Charlebois said...

Oh, Aunt Sue, that's you! I thought it was a friend named Susan from church. I'm laughing even harder now! :)