Pray for the Duggars

Many of you may have heard -- and perhaps some of you have not heard -- that the Duggar Family (of TLC's reality show 18 Kids and Counting) welcomed their 19th child prematurely this week. Josie Brooklyn Duggar was born at only 25 weeks gestation, weighing only 1 pound, 6 ounces and is in stable condition.

It seems everybody has their opinion about this family. You either love them or think they are crazy. I personally love them. I think they are a remarkable example of successful marriage and child raising. Jim Bob and Michelle are still deeply in love, and their children are happy, well-behaved, respectful, talented, sociable, helpful, hard-working, and kind.

I can't imagine what kind of criticism this family is facing after this premature birth. People already rail on them for continuing to get pregnant "at her age," etc. What most people probably don't know is that (from what I've gathered) Josie's premature birth didn't have anything to do with Michelle's uterus being weak or anything like that. She had been hospitalized for gall stones, and those complications led to preeclampsia. But people are people, and they will form their assumptions and make their accusations however and whenever they want.

I just want to encourage everyone to pray for this amazing family and for tiny little Josie. They are a prime example of faith under fire, and I'm sure it's discouraging to have the world criticizing you. But in the end, Jim Bob & Michelle will be able to look at their beautiful family and hear "Well done, good and faithful servants." And that's the only opinion that matters.

I just hope


Missy said...

I agree with you Audra. The Duggars are an amazing family! Will be praying.

Missy said...

I agree with you Audra. The Duggars are an amazing family! Will be praying.

mhelm said...

wow, i didn't know that... i love the duggars:)