Not Me! Monday

I've decided to participate (from time to time) in a fun blog carnival started by one of my new favorite bloggers, MckMama. It's called "Not Me! Monday," and it goes a little something like this:

Today, I did NOT stay in my pajamas all day long, NOR did I go all day without brushing my teeth until we went to Cabela's at 6:30 pm. I most certainly did NOT actually go to Cabela's IN my pajamas (covered by my coat, of course) and wearing no bra nor underwear. That would just be trashy.

Today, I did NOT allow my 2-year-old to watch the new Christmas Dora episode more than once, and certainly not three or four times.

And I absolutely did NOT completely undress my 1-year-old at meal time simply to avoid having to find a bib to protect her shirt and lap from mac and cheese mush. And when she spilled shredded cheese all over the floor, I didn't just leave it there knowing the dogs would get it once they came inside. That's just lazy.

How about you? What didn't you do today?


The Bartlett Family said...

LOL you totally sound like me some days!!!

PS a reason why I commented due to your previous post =) hehe thats a good idea to see who is visiting!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious-love it!


Erin said...

I just read your post to Chris, who laughed and said you are funny.

Lisa Bottolene said...
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a bottolene bunch said...

you new mckmama lover you.
paws off.. she is my favorite blogger. :) i mean.. you could at least give me props for pointing you in the right direction.

Sarah D said...

Today I did not wipe my nose on my mitten because I was too lazy to grab the tissue from the box next to me. thats about all I got, my day was pretty uneventful. :)