"Not Me" Monday -- Updated

I don't have much this week, but you can check out MckMama's blog later in the day for more "Not Me" moments.

On Christmas Eve, I did NOT force by one-year-old's feet into a pair of boots that seemed too small and make her wear them all day, only to realize later that there were socks stuffed in the toes.

Nor did I make it to that Christmas Eve celebration remembering everything an over-prepared mother of two could possibly need (extra changes of clothes, snow gear, cups, blankets, pack-and-play, etc.)...EXCEPT the one measly gift we got for JP's parents.

And I did not wear my new Chistmas earrings with my pajamas all day simply because I wanted to wear them but had no reason to.

Oh yeah...and I didn't regift ANYTHING this year. ;) (You know who you are, just keep your mouth shut!)

**Update** My mother-in-law pointed out this one:
I did not bathe my daughters for the first time today since the day before Christmas Eve (yes, that is 5 days). And I did not have to use large quantities of adult-strength conditioner to get the tangles out of Rae's curly hair.

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas weekend. I'll post stories and pictures, soon, but I have to wait for people to email me photos because I forgot my camera to just about every event! If you have any Not Me moments to share, leave a comment!


Lynette said...

I didn't make my boys do school today. They LOVE homeschooling!!

Andrea said...

sheesh Mom that's not fair--you torture me with boredom and make them do school when I'm at home, but when I'm off working you decide to let them off the hook?!

As for a Not Me . . . I did NOT secretly enjoy the storm raging outside over Christmas, because it meant we spent more time with our friend from South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Pictures are coming!