"Not Me" Monday

It's another "Not Me" Monday, and here are just a few things I didn't do this week. You can head over to MckMama's blog to check out other people's "Not Me's" too.

This week, I did NOT clean the toilet with Windex just because I already had it out to clean the glass.

I did NOT throw away "The Wiggles" sing along book that my daughters love (but drives me insane) because the batteries died and there was no way on God's earth I was going to replace them.

Nor did I have my 2-year-old pee into a 5 gallon bucket because we were in the workshop and there wasn't enough time to make it into the house.

And if a friend came over to visit and forgot her daughter's adorable pink knit hat at my house, I would put it in a safe place so that it wouldn't get lost until I could return it. I would never use it on a daily basis all week long because it looked adorable on my 1-year-old.

(she is adorable, though, isn't she?)

And finally, I did NOT, NOT, NOT agree to letting my husband get a THIRD dog for hunting. That would be insane. I would have more dogs than kids. No way. Never.

What didn't you do this week?


Missy said...

Ha Ha! So you ARE on your third child, er, dog! You guys are funny, crazy, and I love you!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Your daughter is adorable in that snow suit! My daughter is exactly 15 days older than yours, but we live in the South, so no need for a snowsuit... but how I wish she had one anyway!


Mindi said...

Your daughter is so cute! And I would have done the same thing with that adorable hat! Loved your post, made me laugh out loud!


Princess Bektra said...

So this week I definitely did not let Eden stay in slightly pee soaked clothes when her diaper leaked at nap time, just because she was already in her birthday party outfit. That would be gross. All those laps she sat on. . .
Nor did I wash her off in the kitchen sink when she pooped in the bathtub because the tub drains so slowly. I mean, come on, anyone want a side of ecoli with dinner?

And just for the record, I never would, and am not planning tonight to put my daughter to bed a little early because I am tired and have a raging headache.

Isn't it nice that we are such good wifeys and mommies?