Under the Weather and Stranded

Our household has had a difficult last couple of days.
JP had been diligently fighting off a cold for the past week or so, but on Sunday he started feeling really poorly. He went into North Memorial and they told him they suspected bronchitis and sent him home with some antibiotics.
Yesterday he was feeling even worse, so he went to our regular family clinic. After blood draws, x-rays, and various other tests, they told him it seemed to be early pneumonia. He came home and spent the rest of the day in bed and on the couch feeling utterly miserable.
To top things off, both of our cars are out of commission right now, so we are basically stranded. He was in the middle of fixing the brakes on his car when mine went out as well, and then he got so sick he couldn't continue working on them. We had to have a friend from church bring JP to the hospital on Sunday and another friend took him to the doctor yesterday. JP's dad also came to our aid yesterday by picking up JP's prescriptions and bringing them to the house for us.
Today JP is feeling better and is trying to at least get his car back in working order. But I have developed a nasty cough, and Rae is not feeling well either.
Please pray for healing for all of us, and that we would be able to get the cars functioning again soon!!


Anonymous said...

Praying for healing for all of you, even the cars! :o)Amanda

Anonymous said...

We are praying! Let me know if you need me to come to your house on Thursday. I will need to know by Wednesday night so I can plan accordingly. =) You could then take my car to Bill's Memorial Service. We are here to help you in any other way we can too! Just ask!