Health Update

After two weeks, we seem to finally know just what is wrong with JP's health. Yesterday the doctor very clearly detected Strep Pneumonia in JP's left lung. He thinks JP may have also had a virus on top of this, perhaps even Influenza A. They have sent in a test swab to confirm whether or not he has the flu.
Today JP woke up with his glands swollen so much, he looks as though he swallowed a couple of golf balls. I think overall he is feeling better, though. Yesterday the nurse gave him a nice, painful shot in the buttox, and today he gets to go in for another one. They also upped his dose of oral antibiotics and are keeping him on steriods and nebulizer treatments.
Rae still has a cough, but other than that, you'd never know she is sick. She is also taking antibiotics and doing nebulizer treatments.
I have remained amazingly untouched, excepting a small cough that seems to have passed already.
We give the glory to Jesus for the continued healing in our household. We're confident that this will be over with soon.

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margaret said...

I'm telling you, being pregnant can be your best defense against nasty bugs! My 3 pregnancies were the healthiest I've ever been (except kidney stones, but that's not the same!) I always seemed to escape the cold and flu season untouched!