The New Baby

We had our first ultrasound of the new baby this morning. What a thrill it was
to see that tiny heart flutter! Much to JP's disappointment, there is only one
baby in there. :) But we are both thrilled that we have one, HEALTHY baby,
measuring about 9 weeks along. We've been affectionately referring to the baby
as "our little pinto," since my pregnancy book told me he or she was about the
size of a pinto bean last week. This week they say he's the size of a green

Some people say that a faster heart rate indicates a boy and a slower heart
rate, a girl. Our baby's was 153 -- right in the middle -- so I guess we'll just
have to keep on guessing!!!

Here are some pictures. The head is on the left, and you can see his little body
and legs curl up like a tadpole to the right. I've attached another picture of
what a 9-week-old baby looks like so you can get a better idea when you look at
the pictures.

Please keep praying for a healthy, full-term pregnancy. I have been blessed with little to no morning sickness this time around, and I do not take it for


Brenda said...

Welcome, little pinto! We love you!! (I think it's a boy.)

Anonymous said...

Very cool!! I thought the faster heartbeat was a girl and the slower one was a boy? At any rate, we'll have to keep guessing for a little while!!!

Glad everything is going well and you are feeling good. I pray for you every day.



Lori said...

Again! Congrats! Congrats!! That is awesome news that you are expecting!! Welcome to the little Pinto!

jerarbw said...

Little Pinto is a cutie! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling good! Will you find out what you're having or wait for the surprise?

Karen Wall said...

Do you realize you used male pronouns throughout that post! Are you thinking it is a boy or what!? Take care of yourself and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Audra -

We haven't decided yet if we'll find out! We're prepared either way, but we not sure if we have the patience to wait!
:o) Amanda