WCCO had an interesting story about a birth control method rising in popularity, called CycleBeads. It only works for women with a regular menstrual cycle, but when used correctly is 95% effective. And it's 100% natural. Its kind of like a really dumbed down version of natural family planning.
Read about it here.


abby said...

As someone who uses fertility awareness/natural family planning, I agree, it is a really simplistic version of the birth control. However, I must say that the article really made the Somali community seem unintelligent. "So simple that it's becoming popular with the Somali community..." Sorry, but as someone who works closely with the Somali community and knows the struggles they are having, the last thing they need is to be portrayed as unintelligent.

The Charlebois said...

Hi Abby,
I felt the same way when I read the article. Too bad that she wrote it that way. I would encourage you to write Heather Brown via the WCCO website and tell her so!