Family Day

My beautiful mother's birthday was on Saturday, so as a special treat, we got the whole Harpel clan together for an official family day that Sunday. We took advantage of the beautiful weather (mid-30's...it's a heat wave!) and brought all the kids to Como Zoo & Conservatory (excluding Zach & Missy...Zach was home sick). It was warm enough to walk around the zoo and enjoy the animals, and most of the kids are at an age now where they can really enjoy the monkeys and tigers and Israel's favorite..."fshhh!" (fish)

Elijah enjoying the fish:

After roaming the beautiful gardens and watching the polar bear swim laps, we headed out to lunch. Afterwards the kids went down for naps and a handful of us went to see Juno. It was a good movie - a bit more raw than I expected it to be...and the ending was a little sad...but overall a good movie with a good message of choosing life.
Finally we all met up again for our regular family dinner.

To all my family: days like this one are the highlight of my life. I love every minute I get to spend with you. love, Audra

(all of us watching the polar bear - notice the sign)

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bruce said...

@It was a special day in the middle of long winter.
We will all remember it. It was well worth the effort.
Nothing better yet so far in the month of Feb., and Feb. is just about gone.