Fall is Official

At least in my world it is. I absolutely LOVE this time of year and the cool, crisp air! We have been getting outside just about every chance we get. Of course, Israel gets bundled up.

Rae is changing every day. She now has three bottom teeth and is working very hard on the fourth one. I can feel it with my finger but can't see it yet.

She is also learning to crawl. Actually it's more of a "scoot." She was doing really well at it, then yesterday she started going backwards when she wanted to go forward. I found her almost completely under the couch yesterday from scooting backwards.

And of course, fall wouldn't be fall without football! We had our friends the Gills over for the Vikes opener on Sunday. They brought their almost one-month-old, Abigail, and she and Rae were both donning their Vikings garb. It was pretty cute.

Our adventures really begin next weekend when we will be packing up for the annual Harpel Family fall camping trip. We are going to Forestville State Park this year. This is the best time of year to camp. I am so excited!

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