Every Day Closer

Every day another step is made toward the remodeling of the Charlebois home. Here's an update:

Painted (green)
Tiled & Grouted
New cabinets put in
New cabinet doors ordered and shipped
Sanding and staining of woodwork has begun
New lighting bought but not yet installed

Living room:
Painted (burnt orange and beige)
Carpet ripped out
Hardwood floors refinished (yes!)
New wall hangings purchased, but not hung
Curtains bought & hung
Trim painted and partially installed

Furniture bought and assembled
Duck wallpaper border still dominates decorative scheme

Attempted to kill dandelions in lawn multiple times - still trying
Garden weeded of dandelions the size of small bushes
Patio furniture bought but not set up
Overgrown bushes being cut back

The chaos stage is over...now it's down to the "fine tuning." At least we can walk through our kitchen without having to step over things, now.
A big huge shout out and I LOVE YOU to my handyman husband, JP, for all of the hard work he has put into making this house so much more of a home for us. I love you, sweetie - even though I know you'll never read this blog. :)


NLWilliams said...

I just read a comment from you on Jeremy & Amanda Wasinger's blog. I know you don't remember me, b/c I don't know if I've every spent more than a few minutes with you, but you were friends with my brother Nathan Miller. Not sure what compelled me to write to you tonight, but I just wanted you to know that I was reading your blog and finding it fun. I am forwarding your blog to my brother (also a newlywed and a new uncle!) so he can see how things are going for you...Naomi (miller) Williams

Bethany Rinn said...

Way to go! Getting a house liveable is so much work, but so worth it! I can't wait to see it this summer! :)

Stuart B said...

You painted it...GREEN?

Ok, I'll confess, I saw it a few nights ago, I showed up while Joe was slaving away on the floor.

But still...GREEN???

Stuart B said...

But did it have to be that shade of green??

And yes, green is good...as long as it's mixed with gold, and has Brett Favre at starting quarterback.

Speaking of which...I got tickets to the last preseason game!! YEAH!!