Baby Peterson

As a proud Auntie, I am happy to announce that my sister Amber and her husband Pete are expecting a BOY!!!! Due date is September 24th. Now precious Malachi will have buddy to romp through the dirt with. :)

I think he looks like Pete - see the round chin and the Peterson lips?


Stuart B said...

Obsessed nuthin...last year, at about this time, I was driving on my way to Chicago to see U2 perform...was just a few days off for his birthday, but it was an extended celebration.


Isn't a requirement for hero worship that you elevate said person to a pedestal above mere mortals? And yet...I know Bono is quite human and humble...

BasementBum said...

I don't know if he'll be as good looking as his dad though...that's a pretty tough thing...like, nearly impossible!


We are excited and surprised...we were both thinking girl. I will post more of the pics on my blog tonight maybe.

Stuart B said...

Is he wearing flannel yet?

Stuart B said...

You seen this yet?