Chef BoyarDOH!!!!

It wasn't until well after dinner that Audra's dinner guests politely noted that something remained in the oven.
These aren't buscuits - they're bricks. My dog couldn't even bite into them. I swear I could have used them to hammer a nail into the wall.
*sigh*...I don't know if I was cut out for this whole housewife thing.
Maybe I could invite the Balvins over for a game of hockey??? I'll bring the pucks.


Bethany Rinn said...

Is this what I should look forward to in July? ;) Just kidding--can't wait to see you!

raquel said...

Hockey now thats a good idea!!MMMMM lol!!!!

margaret said...

Sometime you should ask Dustin about the garlic bread that he started on FIRE!

Stuart B said...

Nice floor.