Our poor, poor, poor Caleb got neutered today. He has to wear this cone around his head to keep him from licking the incision, and he absolutely hates it. He's so sad...he just keeps crying. And the worst part is, he has to wear it for a week. And for a week there's to be little or no jumping, playing, wrestling or romping. Basically, he can't be a puppy.
The picture by the water bowl is very telling because Caleb LOVES water and will always drink anything put in front of him. Sometimes he even drinks until he pukes and we have to take it away. But this time he barely even noticed it.
The little bands around his legs are bandaids. A closer look reveals that he has been shaved in those areas on his legs. Poor little guy. Supposedly by tomorrow he should be back to his little self, and it's my and JP's job to keep him from getting too excited.
So if you think of it, have a little moment of silence for Caleb Charlebois today.

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