Let's hear it for the UP

JP and I just got back from a weekend of snowboarding in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We went with a gal I used to go to high school with and her husband. What a fun time - if you're into skiing or snowboarding and you haven't been out to Michigan, I would encourage you to go. It's only 4.5 hours away (WAY better than the 16 it takes to get to Colorado), and there are three great resorts right next to each other, Big Powderhorn, Blackjack, and Indianhead. You can even buy a "hopper" pass that lets you go from resort to resort without having to purchase a new lift ticket.
We rented a chalet that rocked - it was fully stocked with everything you would have forgotten to bring, had Candian cable TV (which is fun to watch, if you never have), and a HUGE hot tub!
We had a couple adventures. Saturday was freezing cold, so we had to bundle up tight. We all looked like a bunch of bank robbers, no skin showing anywhere, not even on our faces. Sunday the weather was much better. I even successfully landed my first "jumps" on a snowboard! But then, on what became the last run of the day, I landed a jump and was on my way to the lift when for no reason I took a nasty tumble and landed smack on my tailbone/left hip. It hurt so much - they had to call ski patrol to come pick me up on a snowmobile and take me up to the lodge. Needless to say, I'm experiencing a fair amount of agony until that heals. :)
We're safe and sound at home now. Thanks to Jim and Margie for watching little Caleb for us while we were away.


BasementBum said...

time to update, eh? ...I need something to comment on!
Glad you had a fun time in the UP...it's closer to the Promise Land than the Twin Cities. Promise Land being Northern Wisconsin, of course :)

Stuart B said...

Once thought the Promised Land was Green Bay...but now, probably just Lambeau Field.