And the Puppy Name Winner Is...


There was an overwhelming majority of you who voted for "Charley," but we like Caleb better...so na na na na na na.

We picked him up last night - so cute and cuddly, very affectionate. I have to be honest though - I barely got ANY sleep last night. Caleb was whining and whining and whining from the kitchen where we had him penned up. He finally stopped, then started back up at about 4:00am. When I got up to see if he needed to go potty, he already had - poopy and potty all over the kitchen, and he was standing in it. Praise God for Mr. Clean at 4:00am.

So...I can see this is going to be a learning experience, and I'm happy and willing to go through it. Once he gets accustomed to his surroundings and the new routine, I hope things will get a bit easier.

Special thanks to Margie for making the last-minute decision to travel with me on the eight hour treck through the snow and back to pick him up.

Did I mention how cute he is?


margaret said...

Cute and cuddly and you didn't get any sleep...Welcome to parenthood! :)

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to meet him! Post his picture please, or better yet, just bring him over sometime!