37 Weeks

I am now 37 weeks pregnant -- so close to meeting our BOY!

Everything was great at my checkup this week. Our little dude is head down and ready to go. He's very active and strong. My stats/vitals were all good, although I did fail my group B strep test. That just means they'll have to give me antibiotics during delivery to keep him from getting sick. We did that with Rosie, too, and it was no big deal.

I finally have a "plan" in place for delivery time (ie: who can watch the kids, etc.) and as long as it doesn't happen when JP is gone hunting we are in good shape! I just need to pack my hospital bag. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

Speaking of hunting, JP took Rae & Ruby out grouse hunting with him for the first time last week.

They are just too cute in their blaze orange get-ups! They didn't see or even hear anything that day, but JP has brought home a few birds so far this year, and we're really hoping for a nice, big turkey this year. 

Ruby and Rosie had their 4- and 2-year checkups a couple of days ago.  

Ruby's Stats: 37 lbs, 8 oz (72%) and 40.5" tall (60%)
Rosie's Stats: 31 lbs, 8 oz (66%), 32.75" tall (93%) and 19.5" head circumference (91%)

They are both healthy and growing strong. I'm so thankful for FOUR healthy children. 

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