Micah & Missy's Visit

A couple days before we left for our trip to visit Micah and Missy in Kentucky, we found out that Micah was getting a number of days off of work around the 4th of July and they would be coming up to MN! Getting to see my brother's family twice a year is a treat these days, but twice in one summer...?! What a blessing.

We got together for a number of play dates with all 11 cousins, including a very fun and special day at my sister's house. There was lots of swimming, plenty of watermelon, and so much cuteness my heart could burst. We seized the opportunity to get another photo of all of the cousins/grandkids together.

Left to right - Rae (5), Zachary (5), Malachi (6.5), Elijah (5.5), Ruby (3.5), Rosie (1.5), Ruthie (3), Naomi (4.5), Jeremiah (1.5), Anna (3.5), and Chloe (2).

Here is that same group of kids one year ago. It's amazing how much they change so quickly!

Of course, both of those pictures will be outdated in a month when my brother Joe & Becky have their first baby! Then Amber is due in September, I'm due in October, and SURPRISE! Micah and Missy just announced they are due in March! That will be 15 grandkids under the age of 7 in the Harpel family. Amazing. 

We spent the 4th of July with Micah & Missy and other family members at Missy's parents' home. With temps in the 100's, there was more swimming, red-white-and-blue popsicles, and a giant mud pit to play in. Later that night we watched fireworks in Princeton. 

If you'd like to see more pictures of our play dates, click here

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