James Update

It's nothing but good news for our friend, James! 

Yesterday we got the amazing news that the tumor in James' brain was benign! This is the greatest answer to prayer we've ever received. Then today, James got to go home a day early! The girls and I were at their house when James arrived home. He looked great, and seemed to be walking even better than I was expecting. He has a cane, but wasn't using it when I saw him, and he even fixed a blown circuit while we were there (always the handyman!). The doctors told him as long as he continues to practice walking and moving his neck around, he probably won't need to do any further physical or occupational therapy (other than what he did in the hospital). That is also wonderful news. 

James is such an overcomer. We are definitely thanking Jesus for making every step of this process go as smoothly as possible. Please continue to keep the Knoblauch family in your prayers as he continues his recovery. 

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