Potty Training Rosie, Day 1 (TMI included)

At almost 21 months old, Rosie has been showing many signs of readiness for potty training. She's been asking about it and wanting to try it for months now, but I had been putting it off because let's be honest -- even if she was ready, I WASN'T! I am not the best at potty training, and it has definitely been the most difficult part of parenting for me so far. It tests my patience to the max, and I'm not known to stay calm and empathetic when one of my girls struggles though a potty training issue.

I certainly didn't want to start the process before Disney World, and once our KY road trip was finished I felt like I needed to suck it up and give it a go before I came up with another excuse.

So today was day one. And it sucked. Well, mostly.

By dinner time the score card looked like this:

Carpeted Floor: 1
Carpeted Stairs: 1
Dining Room Chair: 1
Nap time diaper: 1
Potty Chair: 0

I was completely discouraged and ready to (already) throw in the towel for now and try again in a few months. That was exactly my plan if nothing happened by the end of the night. The girls and I had prayed that Rosie would have at least one successful "catch" today, so I figured if it didn't happen it was a sign from God, right? :)

And then it happened. Just before bedtime, Rosie peed in the little potty chair! Our prayer had been answered. One success. I was encouraged. The big girls were ecstatic.

Then as we were heading upstairs to put on their pajamas, she started whining "potty" again. I didn't have the little chair with me upstairs, so I set her on the big potty and I couldn't believe it -- she pooped in the big potty! Two successes!

Ok, God, I won't give up. Not yet. We'll keep going with it tomorrow. Who's gonna pray with me for at least two successes? :)


Sarah D said...

Woohooo, Yay Rosie! I will pray for you guys :)

Anonymous said...

I will! I will! (pray that is!)
Have you ever seen those little pull up pants with elastic waist and legs for potty training that are plastic on the outside and have cotton clothe on the inside...might save your carpets from that nasty urine smell...I'm just sayin'! :) (just kidding!)
I never really mastered the potty training thing either. Maybe because every child is different.
Hang with it... Mom