We are VERY excited to announce that our new baby is most definitely...a BOY!

No mistaking that photo, right? ;) The ultrasound technician said, "Well, THAT'S a boy if I've ever seen one!" You could see JP's face swell with pride...hahaha! 

We are so beyond excited, including the girls, who were all rooting for a brother. This is going to be a whole new fun adventure for our family. I can't wait to fill the nursery drawers with little boy clothes and hit the garage sales for trucks, diggers, and tool belts. We are also happy that JP will have a son to carry on the Charlebois name, since he is (or was!) the last male Charlebois from Papa's family line.

Most importantly, the tech said everything looks great with our little man. He was moving all around and giving us a good show. Our baby boy is healthy, strong and active. Some people struggle to have one healthy pregnancy; I am completely overwhelmed that God would bless us with FOUR. 

Here's a funny thing, though. My original due date was Oct. 31, 2012. Today when the tech checked the computer, she said my doctor had my due date set for Oct. 24th. After the ultrasound, she said I am measuring even further along than that, so my due date may even change again! She says I'm measuring around 22-23 weeks, and as far as I knew, I'm just beginning my 21st week. The sooner, the better, as far as I'm concerned. 

Here are a few more pictures. The way he was positioned didn't allow for a good profile shot, so you kind of have to know what you are looking for to distinguish these photos. :) 

Side view



Creepy alien face, but it's my baby boy. :) 

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