Not a lot has been happening out here in Princeton lately. We've been inside a lot escaping the heat, and when we do go outside, water is usually involved. We found a nice little beach not too far from our house; it's small, never crowded, and the water is extremely clear.

We were there just this morning, and I had a very scary mom moment. I was sitting at a picnic table on shore with Rae and Rosie while Ruby swam in about waist-deep water with her friend Ethan, who is five. I was keeping an eye on her, but had looked away to get the baby a banana. When I looked back, I saw Ruby under the water with her little arms and legs flailing above the surface. I all but dropped the baby and sprinted to her side. After I picked her up, it took a couple seconds for her to cough and catch her breath again. Her lips were the palest white, and we just held each other for the longest time. It happened so fast, and that's just the thing -- it only takes a second. You get so used to looking up and seeing that everything is fine; then the one time comes that you look up and everything is not fine, and it's horrifying.

I didn't mean for this blog post to get so solemn so quickly. My apologies! Ruby is just fine.

In other news:

My friend Zandrah has been helping me come up with a good logo for my photography stuff. Choosing a logo is hard! The final product is so permanent; I really want to make sure that I love it, without driving Zandrah crazy with my nit-pickiness.

The countdown is on to my brother Joseph's wedding! The big day is September 24th, and his fiance Becky is full-tilt-boogie into wedding planning & preparations. Rae and Ruby are flower girls, and we met with the seamstress who is making their dresses this week for measurements. I have to find them little cowgirl boots to wear with their dresses. I have a bid in on a pair for Ruby on Ebay, and so far I haven't been able to find a good deal for Rae anywhere. Time to start hitting up the Goodwill stores!

I'm also going to get to take some official engagement pictures for Joe & Becky, which I'm super excited about, and they've asked me to sing in the wedding, which is such an honor.

I really need to get to bed. Love to all...

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Bron and Jenda said...

Scary incidents happen so fast with kids!! I totally relate to that panic-y feeling. Last week I gave Abigail a life saver candy and she was sitting sweetly on the couch sucking on it. She's had probably a dozen of them without incident, but that day it slid down into her windpipe and she started choking! She was still able to partially breathe, just enough to cry and scream, and I tried to give her the Heimlich under my big belly. She eventually threw up and the candy came up with it. I cried for an hour I'm sure, and through her tears, Abi said, "I don't think I want to eat those for a while." You got it, sweet cakes!!

On a lighter note, that's awesome news about your business coming together!! Hooray! Can't wait to see the final product of your logo design! We have size 6 (toddler) cowboy boots, but I'm sure that's too small for your girls. I saw some blue ones at Target last spring...maybe you can still find some on ultra-clearance?