I Heart Faces -- "Beautiful Eyes"

I normally don't enter these contests (although I probably should as a way to challenge myself in the photography world), but this one was easy. The theme was "beautiful eyes," and I had just finished a shoot for my friend Kim where I snagged this shot of her second-to-youngest, Carla.

Those eyelashes just reach to the heavens! What a doll face! I had told here there were monkeys in my camera, and she was trying to see them: "Monkeeeeey? Monkeeeeey?" lol

You can check out more "beautiful eyes" entries at I Heart Faces blog. Just click the button below.


Elizabeth said...

What a cutie! And wow, I wish I had eyelashes like that!

Sarahmumof3 said...

she has a seriously cute face, not to mention the beautiful eyes :)