Cole & Deb's Wedding

What do you get when the couple the nicest, most humble, genuine, selfless, Jesus-loving man you've ever met with the sweetest, most encouraging, genuine, faithful, God-fearing woman you've ever met? The Holy Spirit drops in on your wedding like a BOMBSHELL and lives are forever impacted. That was the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Cole & Deb Ries!

These guys are amazing. They each knew they were going to marry each other more than four years before they ever said anything to each other or anybody else. She was in law school, he was finishing his degree, looking for a job, and eventually started working a new position an hour away in St. Cloud. They just kept their little (BIG) promises tucked in their hearts and waited for God's perfect timing to set things in motion. They shared their first kiss at the altar, and the moment was so powerful and sweet I couldn't decide whether to cheer or cry, so you know...I just did both.

Here are some pictures from their beautiful day:

Both the cake and floral arrangements were done by friends who consider themselves "amateurs." I beg to differ!

Beautiful bridesmaids and even more beautiful friends, Sarah & Christine.

Rock candy bar...so cute!

The kids especially loved it!

Congratulations, Cole & Deb. You've been a blessing to us and so many others. We can't wait to see what awesome and powerful things God has in store for you.


bruce said...

It was awesome !

~Mistee~ said...

Beautiful pics and story!!

Cole & Deb said...

Wow! Thanks, Audra! Your pictures are beautiful, and your singing was amazing! Thanks so much for being a part of it! We were honored. Love you guys.